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Zim ten.jpg
Sunken City, once obtained it stays until you quit the game.
Time to wait for it

Zimcloak is a rare glitch specific to the PS4 version of Journey, which results in all cloth in the game appearing shiny and silky, like quicksilver or liquid gold.

How and where to do it[]

At the start of Sunken City (SC).

Level: Sunken City

The "how to" is between random and hours of experience, when it occurs; hence the "Ancestor" difficulty was chosen. See also Quotes.

In the end its about finding the right spot and maybe turning camera and waiting...

Once triggered, the effect of this glitch is permanent.

Having Low FPS at this place, can indicate that you are at the right place.

You will keep the Zimcloak when using the Chapter Select option, going from level to level or finishing the Journey and start a new one.

You lose it only when you close the game or restarting the console.

It appears to be caused by a shader bug or mishandling of texture memory by the game engine.

As well as "rainbow sands" flickering.

First Steps/Setup[]

Hint-SMALL-75x43.gif Automatically or manually triggered screensaver might make you move/slide a little bit, even when already sitting. This can help to slide closer to the perfect spot, but also make you leave the perfect spot.

There are many different tricks that people use to try to get Zimcloak, quicker then just random sitting at the hill and wait.

It could be a certain place at the hill, moving your camera around or the actual daytime...

To find the right spot needs experience and training, how to aim for it and when to press the button.


Trying to get the glitch, teaches us patience.
~ Zimask (the player who discovered Zimcloak)

Feel free to use the talk page of this article to contribute your thoughts on "how to get Zimcloak".

Here is a video from the first time Zimcloak appeared (someone else might got it before, but this is the first time it happened to a community member and was recorded):

Video by Zim Zeconcept on PS4. Length: 15:00 minutes.

Several people reported that they think

  • slight camera movements can help to get Rainbow Sands.
  • "tiring" the PS4 may help with getting Zimcloak, PS4 in sleep mode.
  • not restarting the level, when missing the right point to sit or want to retry it. Go OOB, behind the start of the level and then reenter the level.

Tutorial Videos[]

Here is a very good tutorial video, although a consistent way to get this glitch is not found yet:

Video by seki gokurakuin on PS4. Length: 3.4 minutes.

A video about camera movements and some impressions about rainbow sand and the Zimcloak glitch happening:

Video by Nichero 4 on PS4. Length: 2:30 minutes.


  • The hill has two names: Zymor Hill (players Zimask and Mimor) or Banjah's Hill (player Banj).
  • Zimcloak/shiny sand/low frame glitch only turn off when you close the game. Losing internet connection or disabling it doesn't turn it off.


To search for must be humble, patient.

The pits of insanity await the one that dares try bend it to their forcing it, you are only forcing yourself.

Whereas if you are patient, it is actually enjoyable :)

“To transcend into Zimcloak, is to test the limits of your patience and your sanity"

~ Nichero, discord

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